Finally a CRM
built for you.

Streamline your business with a CRM built for modern ecommerce, real estate, trading and digital marketing businesses.


Quick and Easy Integration

Seamless and quick integration regardless of your current technology stack or website.


Flexible and Customizable

A CRM built for customization to your needs and business with a solid core.


24/6 Support Team

Your success is our priority. Our experts are ready to help 24/6 with all your needs.


Grow with the right technology and team behind you.

Leverage cutting edge technology beautifully wrapped in an easy-to-use CRM built to make managing your business easier and more effecient.

For Real Estate

Upload your properties, create campaigns, manage contacts and fully control your whole business from one place.

For Ecommerce

Put your ecommerce business on steriods. Manage customer orders, inventory, suppliers and more.

For Trading Companies

Out the box solutions for managing a brokerage effeciently and compliantly.

Simple yet extremely powerful

It's easy to use, simple to master and packed full of technology and features
to maximize effeciency and automate mundane tasks for businesses big or small.

Plug and play integrations

We offer ready to use integrations with your favourite payment service providers, advertising networks and powerful APIs for easy integrations.

Simple workflows

Automate your customer sales funnels, trigger events such as emails and increase your sales and operational effeciency.

External add-ons marketplace

Choose from a plethora of modular features designed to boost your ROI even further.

We support customizations

Our team understand business requirements vary per customer.
Need something specific for your business? We have your back.

Hassle free

Our technology is constantly monitored to ensure your data is secure and online when you need it.

Feature development

We continuously innovate and expand our services to ensure we offer you the best tools and experience.

Real support

We are here to support you 24/6 to ensure you get to focus on what matters, your business.

Tech that works for you.

Scale your business with the right CRM, personalized
solutions, and expert support.

Ready to take your business
to the next level?